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Re: cdrdao problem

> From: stan <stanb@panix.com>
> I'm tring to use cdrdao to copy some new CD's. I'm using a scipt 
>that I have used in the past. It looks like this:
>cdrdao copy --eject --speed 16 --eject  --device 0,0,0 --driver 
>generic-mmc --source-driver generic-mmc toc
>But, now, after reading in the Cd, I'm getting the following error:
>Turning BURN-Proof on
>Executing power calibration...
>Power calibration successful.
>ERROR: Drive does not accept any cue sheet variant - please report.
>ERROR: Writing failed.
>ERROR: CD copying failed.
>The writer is an HP CD writer 16. 
>I was trying this under the 2.6 kernel, but I;ve alos tried it with 
>2.4. Same results.
>Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

Have you tried it by hand instead of the script? Doing a quick google 
search it seems that some people are having problems with some media, 
is the media blank, does the supposed file fit the media used? Also 
what does cdrdao scanbus show?

Anyway it might be helpful for you to post more information about your 
toc, and what files are you trying to burn.


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