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Re: pdf printing


* David Roguin <nesdavid@gmail.com> [2005-May-02 04:49 AKDT]:
> Yesterday i wanted to print a pdf book, but i didn't find any app in
> gnome2.8 in wich i can print the odd and even pages. i tried with
> gpdf, xpdf and evince.
> My printer is configured with cups.
> Anyone knows any app to do so?; i don't want to install acrobat reader.
> Maybe with a cups command to print?

    $ lpr -o page-ranges=1-20 -o page-set=odd foo.pdf
    $ lpr -o page-ranges=1-20 -o page-set=even foo.pdf

I've never tried the -o page-set option, but give it a whirl and let us 

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