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Re: choose the default display manager

I can't figure that out! I summarize the previous state:

1.) console says: kdm and wdm are started (kdm because of the 
"false" value in the conf-script, wdm because it's the default-display-
2.) kdm takes over and runs kde. According to pstree and ps no wdm 
is running.

What I did:
1.) I set the default display manager to kdm
2.) I set update-alternatives --set x-window-manager /usr/bin/kwin 
which should be kde.

What happens:
1.) console says kdm is started
2.) But it's not kdm, I get a login window from another DM
3.) When I log in I get a gnome session, which I never selected and 
according to pstree no wdm is running but there are lots of "gnome-" 

And of course, if I set the default-display-manager back to wdm it's 
wdm *and* kdm that get started again and I get my kde session.

Any other advice? Thanks again!
Hans-Joerg v. Mettenheim

On 3 May 2005 at 15:53, Jon Dowland wrote:

> hjvm@freenet.de wrote:
> > But when I set the DM to kdm in /etc/X11/default-display-manager I get 
> > a totally different *window* manager, i. e. I get XFCE4 instead of 
> > KDE. That's even stranger as I thought that kdm would start kde. But 
> > it obviously doesn't. In this case at least only kdm is started and 
> > not wdm.
> >
> > So how could I set which window manager is started by the DM?
> That's easier (I think): controlled by update-alternatives.
> # update-alternatives --list x-window-manager
> shows you what it can be, and
> # update-alternatives --set x-window-manager <path>
> where <path> is one of the options from the first command.

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