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Debian, and font support help


I am having trouble with Fonts and OpenOffice.org. I had them working right before. I had over 200 awesome looking fonts, including the gimp ones. But after I bought my new 80GB HDD, I re-installed debian on it, losing how I did my previous installation. I don't know what I did before, but now I only have Win**** core fonts, nothing more. I installed all the other font packages, and even "The GIMP" doesn't see the gimpers font package. If someone knows a list of packages needed to have complete font support for all applications under X, please tell me. I am guessing I am missing a package somewhere. Because when making PDFs, I love to make them look unique since I can, it views the same on every OS.

  Mr. Kevin Veroneau
  Zyrix Networks
  "Zyrix Network - Simple Computing"

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