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Source/Policy based routing on multihomed host

Hi all,

I have a couple of debian machines with multiple interfaces (two dual-port 10/100 e100 cards - bond0 & bond1). When the systems are started, each interface receive packets, and the machines can access the internet etc. with no problems. The issue is that whilst the interfaces receive packets on both bond0 and bond1, and transmitted packets always go via bond0, bond1 has 0 Tx packets, I believe, after a Google search, that this is due to asymetric routing, and is addressed via use of the iproute2 package. I apt-get'd iproute2, and set the new route and rules thus:

ip route add default via dev bond0 tab 1 ( is the gateway/router)
ip route add default via dev bond1 tab 2

ip rule add from tab 1 priority 500 (bond0 addr)
ip rule add from tab 2 priority 600 (bond1 addr)

ip route flush cache

This results in packets being Rx and Tx via the appropriate devices - the local network works a treat, all machines can talk to all other machines on the local lan ONLY....the servers cannot contact the internet. DNS is handled via a local machine, and name lookups work fine - when a "ping" (for example) is attempted I get "No route to host"...

Anyone have any ideas?



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