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Re: urgent : ssh without password prompt and password client auth

Also sprach STEPHANE DURIEUX <durieux42@yahoo.fr> (Tue, 3 May 2005
17:04:44 +0200 (CEST)):
> Hello

> Well everything is in the title.
> I would like to use ssh in scripts so without entering
> the password.
> The problem is that such commands don t work: 
> echo passwd | ssh host (ssh doesn t read std input)
> I don t want to use private keys (so not  ssh-agent).
> Does anyone has an idea (via environment variable
> perhaps?)

you want to generate a ssh-key (use ssh-keygen) and put it into the
remtoe's machine ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. this way the user will be able
to log on the remote box (from the one your have the key) _without_
password like "$ ssh <machine> <command>".

be sure this auth-method ist enabled on the remote box

everything should be well documented in
$ man sshd
$ man ssh-keygen

sl ritch.

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