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On Tue, 03 May 2005 08:24:56 -0500, "Fafa Hafiz Krantz"
<fteg@london.com> wrote:

>In an effort to balance the awareness and usage of free and open
>source among the world's population, I am trying to obtain as many
>open source masterplans (in PDF) as possible. I plan to have them
>translated, revised and compiled into one masterplan above all
>masterplans which I can then distribute to people who would need
>it more than others, such as poor countries, etc.
>These can either originate from:
>1. Governments
>2. Universities and R&D agencies
>3. Private Institutions
>Do you have any?
>Do you know how to obtain one from your country?
>Please send them to me,
>and thank you for listening!
>Fafa Hafiz Krantz
>  Senior Designer @ http://www.home.no/barbershop
>  Furious @ http://www.home.no/barbershop/smart/sharon.pdf

What qualifications do you have that will convince us to believe you
are able to just understand a single master plan, let alone properly
combine all of them? Perhaps posting your IQ score would be

There is a free test available here:

Good Luck!


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