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Re: pdf printing

But i also want to put a page range. i want to print from page 2 to 50
for instance.
I believe that is not so friendly.
ITOH, if i print using lpr command, will it print all the graphics the
pdf has? and what about the resolution? is there a way to chane the

2005/5/2, Maurits van Rees <maurits@vanrees.org>:
> On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 09:49:15AM -0300, David Roguin wrote:
> > Yesterday i wanted to print a pdf book, but i didn't find any app in
> > gnome2.8 in wich i can print the odd and even pages. i tried with
> > gpdf, xpdf and evince.
> > My printer is configured with cups.
> > Anyone knows any app to do so?; i don't want to install acrobat reader.
> > Maybe with a cups command to print?
> gv (Ghostview) can do it. Package gv.
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