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Re: System clock running too fast

On Sat, Apr 30, 2005 at 05:32:28PM +0200, Roel Schroeven wrote:
> In my experience, chrony does a better job of coping with clocks that 
> run very fast or very slow.

Thanks for the tip. I replaced ntpd with chrony on the system in
question, and after setting it up properly and doing a "makestep" it
seems to be running in sync with my server (I waited until today before
replying to ensure that it's indeed running correctly).

> >Apr 30 03:32:38 greebo ntpd[30014]: synchronized to, stratum 3
> >Apr 30 03:32:48 greebo ntpd[30014]: synchronized to LOCAL(0), stratum 13
> >Apr 30 03:34:58 greebo ntpd[30014]: synchronized to, 
> >stratum 3
> >Apr 30 03:41:24 greebo ntpd[30014]: synchronized to LOCAL(0), stratum 13
> It looks like is your local machine (since it is on stratum 
> 13). That would mean that ntpd syncs with 3 machines, only one of which 
> is a real timeserver (and chances are that LOCAL(0) and are the 
> same machine, or at least on the same network). is a pool.ntp.org server that I added to make sure the
problem wasn't with my local server. is the server I sync off normally (reporting here as stratum 3,
not 13). I try to keep direct traffic between my local network and the
internet to a bare minimum, going without forwarding if at all possible.
Also, this server provides /home over NFS to the system in question, so
staying in sync with this server has priority over staying in sync with
the rest of the world for me. (if this doesn't make sense, just tell me)

LOCAL(0) is something the default ntp.conf sets up, I decided to trust
Debian on this one and not mess with it.


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