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Re: nvidia not working after dist-upgrade. [WAS: Re: Help, X won't start after repartiotion of hdb]

Vegard|drageV wrote:
> After doing  a dist-upgrade nvidia kernel module was upgraded, and X
> won't start at boot. I use kdm. Running '/etc/init.d/kdm start' gave
> no errormessages, but startx did:

I don't have nvidia and I don't run sarge, so my help might be not very
useful, so instead of guessing I recommend that you read


NB: You should probably have started a new thread for this one. If you
don't manage to get that solved and don't get a reasonable number of
responses, consider reposting as new thread, as this one gets hidden
under the old subject.



Andrey Andreev
University of Helsinki
Dept. of Computer Science

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