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Re: OT: can I send CDs by mail to Germany?

Apparently, _Martin Dickopp_, on 23/04/05 06:54,typed:
"H. S." <greatexcalibur@yahoo.com> writes:

This is really OT big time. A friend of mine was mentioning the other
day that I shouldn't send a CD by postal mail to anybody in Germany.
According to him, German postal dept. does not allow CDs to be sent this
way. Now I do not believe this, but just to be thorough, could somebody
verify this one way or the other?

When I recently sent a DVD from Germany to New Zealand, I looked up the
international mailing regulations in detail, so I can tell you that
these regulations are not barring the mailing of CDs. The German postal
department cannot impose additional restrictions (i.e. it has to deliver
every mailing coming from a different country if that mailing conforms
to the international regulations), but the postal company in your own
country can. Check with your postal company to see if they allow mailing

(I'm assuming the CD is in a case. Mailing CDs in a way that they could
easily break and splinter (i.e. just the disc in a paper envelope) is
indeed forbidden. You are not allowed to mail sharp objects inter-

If you send from a non-EU country, you will have to fill out tax and
customs form CN 22, or CN 23 if the value of the CDs exceeds US-$300.
Be honest on the form, otherwise the customs office in the destination
country might hold the package indefinitely. If the CDs are "commercial
merchandise" (i.e. the recipient pays you for them), additional
restrictions might apply that I don't know much about.


Ah, thanks for the information. I am in Canada and just wanted to send a CD with personal data on it. I am going to label it "No Commercial Value" and will be sending it by registered mail.


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