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Re: qtparted and ext3 partitions

Jonathan Kaye wrote:
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> Hi,
> Can someone confirm that qtparted cannot resize ext3 partitions? I got
> the following from the linuxquestions forum.
> =========================================
> "Qtparted can't do it.
> The resize option on the menu is greyed out, and according to The
> qtparted website it doesn't support resizing ext3."
> ===========================================
> I've tried to do this and it's true that the resize option for the ext3
> partition was greyed out (and it was NOT mounted - I was running
> knoppix). It was checked as being active in qtparted and I don't know if
> changing that would enable resizing or whether it's simply impossible
> with qtparted.
> Cheers,
> Jonathan

I've seen the same thing with qtparted.

You also have the option of using resize2fs, which comes with the
e2fsprogs package. It works fine for ext2/ext3, although not quite as
convenient because it's a 2 step operation. resize2fs resizes the file
system only, so you need to change the partition size separately. The
man page for resize2fs gives a good run down of the details involved.


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