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Re: Network ssh tunneling speed test

So why don't you do something like this :

time scp -c <alg> file1 user@machine:

It wil tell you the time spent in user space / kernel space , etc.

It's still not clear what exactly you are trying to measure, and this
thing won't do for you. If you want intimate information from scp, such
as how much time it spends in a certain routine, then recompile ssh with
profiling support and run the above commands inside gprof .


Marco Calviani wrote:

> Robert Vangel wrote:
>> Marco Calviani wrote:
>>> Thanks for your help, but i need some more precise benchmark other
>>> than this. I wonder if there exists some "time" command. I'll try
>>> googling another time.
>>> Regards,
>>> MC
>> What do you mean more precise? Once the file(s) have finished
>> copying, it tells how the speed of each file and how long each one
>> took...
> There is a large spread of speed if you repeat the measure over time.
> I did not know on what it depends. I would like a more appropriate
> tool, to have a look at the various connections that occur. For
> example different speed with different crypto algorithm....
> Regards,
> MC

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