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Re: redirect apt to local repository

Matt Price wrote:
Hi Alan, folks,

I've been trying this out and for a while it seemed to work fine, but somehow I broke it again. Here's a rundown/reminder of my situation:

trying to mirror parts of the internet to a local hard drive for a classroom that has no internet access. This is being done on an old Dell running Ubuntu hoary, dhcp3-server, and bind9. With help from alan I got bind working, then set to work on dhcp and on getting the 2 ethernet cards to coexist, and found the system no longer worked. In particular, no computer on the network could get any of the addresses defined in /etc/bind/named.conf.local to resolve -- instead they fail with "unknown host: x".

Sorry if I missed it by jumping into the middle of this thread, but do you mean to imply that everything else is working and properly configured, including (and probably not limited to) the ppp connection, bridging, proxy'ing, iptables (and firewall app), inetd with its host.* files, and NAT or masq'ing? If one or more of these are not configured or fully tested, perhaps they are prior issues relative to the bind issue, or at least could inspire insight about the problem.

The other thing that comes to mind (now that you've done all the work on bind, naturally) is that maybe bind is overkill for your application. I use dns-masq to do dns and dhcp for a subnet, and it requires very fussing or configuration, although I don't know if it's enough for your application.

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