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Re: POLL: Should Debian remove all GNU FDL-licensed documentation?

1. Is it acceptable for Debian to permanently remove most FDL documents
so that they are no longer available on Debian mirrors or on Debian CDs?

Ans: no

2. Is it acceptable if all FDL documents were moved to non-free so that
they could still be downloaded from Debian mirrors?  Note that they
still would not appear on most Debian CDs.

Ans: yes

3. Should Debian allow documents without invariant sections in main, and
only remove/move-to-non-free those with invariant sections?

Ans: yes

4. Should Debian modify the Social Contract and/or Debian Free Software
Guidelines[1] to allow all FDL documents to remain in the main archive
and appear on Debian CDs?

Ans: Uhhhh, I dunno

5. Is Debian making a big out of a minor issue? 

Ans:  Uhhhh, I dunno

 Should Debian be focusing more on creating a usable operating system and less 
on worrying about licensing issues?

Ans: yes

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