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Comprehensive guide (or site) for ATI on Debian with TV-out ?

This is what I need, I guess. Found one for Ubuntu
(http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-3567.html), but doesn't help
Details: Debian Testing; Radeon 9200, using TV out, original
ATI-Driver, 2.6.8-2-k7, fglrx_4_3_0-8.12.10-1.
I can't get 3D-accelaration; it complains about DRI ("DRI initialisation
failed"), a lot of unresolved symbols. I used a few XF86Config-4 fully as
created by fglrxconfig. There are a lot of questions asked that I don't
understand; this is one of the reasons why I ask:

Now I'd preferably get a complete guide with the tricks required for

Only in case someone asked about the specific problem: TV out works not
accelerated. When I use mplayer, xine, vlc, on the TV the screen content
(image) is a black screen, while it is okay on the Monitor; for xv. For
other, unaccelerated drivers the content of the video players is visible
on the TV screen; but since I can't get full screen, it is quite useless.
I have already changed the (cloned) image to STV,CRT (TV being primary
display) and TV as sole display, but without success: Even on the primary,
TV-only, the content of the fullscreen remains black. Therefore I guess it
is a general problem of the install; a missing module or something else.
But what, which ?

I'd rather go through a complete guide-line, step-by-step, to check what
needs to be done to get the system fully working.
Does that exist ?

Thanks for any hint,


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