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Re: OT: debian based distro?

On Sat, 16 Apr 2005, Ishwar Rattan wrote:

> I am looking for a barebone distribution based on Debian
> that is can be enhanced/upgraded usibg .deb packages.
> I could start with Knoppix/Kanotix but will have to remove
> a lot of packages (which ones??).

apt-get remove package.deb and see what breaks :-0

you only need :
	- base-utils
	- ps-utils
	- lib-utils
	- glib
	- procps
	- core-utils
	- file-utils
	- shell-utils
	- util-linux
	- deb-utils (for debian stuff)

	after intalling those, you can srhink it 80% by removing
	the tag-along garbage that came with the bloated packages

and if you wanna do it one file at a time, it will shrink to 
fit everyting into a standalone floppy and be a live system
	- and that'd be little trickier to do without using busybox
	which is what makes it fun without bzboz ( i hate the "broken"
	busybox )

c ya

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