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Re: Repartitioning harddisk

> Bob|boB replies:
> Well I would advise you use LVM2 with ext3 for all filesystems excluding
> the root filesystem which IMHO is better left on a physical partition.
> With LVM2 you will be able to guess sizes of your partitions and then if
> you need resize them to make them 100% full.
> I wonder why you want to do this since in itself it is not much of a
> security enhancement and in various filesystems can make your system
> behave very badly (/var, /tmp) or be unfriendly (/home).

The harddrive will contain /usr and /home. I'm open for any other idea
on how to solve this. I am quite new to linux and the way of solving
this has just been an idea growing in my mind, based on little


Cheers Vegard

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