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Re: finding the memory used by programs

--- Kamaraju Kusumanchi <kk288@cornell.edu> wrote:
> Hi
>    I have a Fortran 90 program parallellized using
> MPICH. It is
> crashing if I am using large arrays but it is
> working perfectly fine, if
> I use small arrays. The code is too big to post
> here.
>    In order to gain better understanding of what is
> going on, I want to
> know how much memory is actually used by the
> programs. The ideal
> solution would be a program which gives the memory
> utilized vs time
> graph when the program is running.
> raju

also can look into using sar (many options in the man

example for 5 second intervals and 20 iterations
sar 5 20 -r

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