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Re: finding the memory used by programs

In article <[🔎] 4260433A.2040601@cornell.edu>,
Kamaraju Kusumanchi  <kk288@cornell.edu> wrote:
>   I have a Fortran 90 program parallellized using MPICH. It is
>crashing if I am using large arrays but it is working perfectly fine, if
>I use small arrays. The code is too big to post here.
>   In order to gain better understanding of what is going on, I want to
>know how much memory is actually used by the programs. The ideal
>solution would be a program which gives the memory utilized vs time
>graph when the program is running.
>One way is to actually go through the program and count the size of
>variables but I am thinking there is a better way than this. I also
>tried using top, but it is very dynamic and I have note down the numbers
>by hand.

Run "ps -o rss pid_of_program_here" every few seconds, store the
value, and generate a graph yourself.

If you want more detail try "pmap -x pid_of_program_here" instead.


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