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Large ramdisks, kernel memory space issue

Hi All,

I'm using a slightly modified Debian kernel along with
PXELinux to boot a machine over the network. 

My kernel's memory footprint is quite large (400 megs)
because it pre-allocates memory for some processes (in
the interest of speedier process execution).

My ramdisk size is about 500 megs.

Now, the ramdisk has to fit in the lower 1 Gig of
memory which the kernel can access. So a ramdisk
bigger than 500 megs cannot be loaded by the kernel,
since the ramdisk would exceed the 1 Gig kernel memory
space bound.

My question: Is there an easy way make the Linux
kernel be able to access the entire memory space? This
way I can easily load larger ramdisks on my target
machines which have 2 Gigs of physical memory.



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