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Re: ~/.bashrc problem

Kuang He wrote:

I have a problem with a function in my ~/.bashrc

function header {
    wget -O /dev/null -S '$1'

I wrote it in order to shorten my operation of ``wget -O /dev/null -S
'http://what.ever/' '''. But I cannot get it working the way I want.
It seems that bash strips off the single quotes off $1 and I want them
literally in the command line shown as the above. Can I make a work
around? Many thank!

Best regards,
Kuang He

Using " should work, or if you want a literal " you would use \" but
this would break it...

$ wget -O /dev/null \"http://www.debian.org\";
--17:47:52--  ftp://%22http//www.debian.org%22
            => `/dev/null'
Resolving %22http... failed: Host not found.

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