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Re: Update on Sarge Webmin?

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Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 12:43 AM
Subject: Re: Update on Sarge Webmin?

On Apr 11, 2005 8:30 PM, John Fleming <john@wa9als.com> wrote:
I've searched archives back to December and don't find a "recent" brief
thread I remember about a bunch of Webmin modules disappearing from Sarge.
They are still missing, and I'd like to know where I can monitor what's
going on with those?

A related question is how much could I muck up my system if I let my current Webmin download and install a given module, or update Webmin itself? I know that I couldn't later use apt-get remove to remove it, but other than that
are there problems using Webmin itself to get individual modules or even
update webmin itself?

Comments appreciated - John

I would _highly_ recommend against allowing Webmin to upgrade itself
if you wish to use the Debian Webmin packages.

Recently, I allowed Webmin to update itself, believing that it'd allow
me to use a newer version of Webmin. The Webmin upgrade was
successful, but, a few weeks later, apt-get update upgraded the Webmin
package, breaking everything. Luckily, I had a complete backup of my
Webmin configuration files, so I purged Debian's packages, installed
Webmin from source, and was up and running again.

--Stephen Le

Thanks, Stephen - I was afraid that would be the answer. So where can I monitor what's happening with the Webmin packages in Debian?

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