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LVM install with IDE and SCSI using sarge installer

Here is my problem.  I have searched the problem on google and the archives with out finding a fix.  

I installed using the Sarge Installer, The system has 1 40gig IDE HD, and 5 SCSI 9gig drives.

I formorly used this system with a 6 scsi drives, but one drive died.  I have it set up to boot and run off the IDE, and have an LVM running on the SCSI drives mounted on /var/www
When it was setup with all SCSI, I had no problmes with the install or running the box, and I used the same cd media to install it both times.

The problem is that after the first reboot, it no longer sees my LVM, claiming it's not there, but once the system is fully booted I type

#/etc/init.d/lvm restart
#mount /var

and everything works.

watching the boot up process, what I know to be happening is that it's starting LVM and trying to mount the LVM, before it starts the SCSI card.  so at the time it's tring to mount the LVM, the SCSI drives are not there.

So, my question, is there a way to change the boot order to have the SCSI card start before the LVM?


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