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Re: OT: Bash Scripting Question

Ron Johnson wrote:
> Your next paragraph contradicts this sentence.

    It doesn't.

> And the GNU coreutils maintainers make you do things the way they
> think things should be done.

    Nope.  Several examples were provided, not just one.  Also one explination
was provided which explains why find is used.  You are finding these files.
The thing is you're using an overly broad statement which happens to include
all the files in a given path.  You'll note, however, that find does not
replicate the functionality of ls.  It does not list all the file's attributes
(name, date, mtime, permissions, size and so on) only the filename itself for
another tool... say... ls to use to obtain that information.

> Unless, as with every OS, you write your own utility.

    Incorrect.  I charge you to attempt to write a basic find utility which
does the requested action in Win95, 98, NT, 2k, without using the provided
utility (LOCATE, I believe) and without using a third party solution for any
step.  Batch, AFAIK, is not up to the task.  :P

    Finally I am wondering why you're railing against GNU core tools when they
are just a replication and extension of the older unix core tools.  I've
certainly used find on non-GNU systems.

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