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Re: NIS And /home Dirs On Client Systems

On Sat, 09 Apr 2005 01:10:13 +0200, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> Hal Vaughan wrote:
>> I noticed, a few years ago, when I first set up an NIS server, that even
>> though the NIS clients get the full password files, that doesn't mean home
>> directories are automatically created for that user.  I wrote my own Perl
> What you probably want is autofs (a.k.a. automounter).  You specify
> /home as the mount point to watch and then tell the /etc/auto.home
> file where (on which server, IP, and so on) the home directories
> actually reside.

Instead of configuring /etc/auto.home each time, you can distribute the
automount maps via NIS too.  Then you need not configure anything at all
on the client machines -- except NIS.  With NIS configured, the default
config for the Debian autofs package will work out of the box in this

At work, my sid box connects like this to a NetApp NFS server with a
Solaris NIS master.  I haven't investigated what it takes to run the
server side of NIS automount map distribution with Debian.


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