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Re: unsubscribe

Gene Heskett wrote:

On Monday 04 April 2005 06:28, Jon Dowland wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
If it would have worked, why do we have such a repetitive thread
of folks telling us the same thing now, for the couple of months
I've been here?
Well, thunderbird's threading seems to be subject-based, and I can
see (counts) 10 recent messages subject 'unsubscribe', non of which
are to debian-user-request, which is what the instructions state.
So, I'd err on the side of idiocy, rather than broken list

I only partially agree. I think the point is that the prompts at the bottom of the message are being clipped off by tbirds broken use of the '\n-- ' marker, and those 'signature' type things are never being seen by the clueless user of tbird, so he remains clueless. As to whether or not that behaviour can be turned off, I don't use tbird, so I cannot advise.

So, if these users do not see my sig, which contains a quote
from Ed Howdershelt and advisories to the yahoo & AOL/TW attornies,
then he is also never going to see those howto messages. Thats my point.

I use Thunderbird and I see both sigs and the unsubscribe instructions...


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