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Re: kernel-2.6.8 Scanner Support?

Thomas H. George schreef:
Make menuconfig for the 2.4.26 kernel includes an option to select usb scanner support and xsane finds and operates my Epson Perfection 2000 PHOTO scanner when the bzImage is built with this scanner option.

Make menuconfig for the 2.6.8 kernel includes only an option to select usb microteck scanner support and xsane cannot cannot find my scanner when using a 2.6.8 kernel image.

less /proc/bus/usb/devices lists the scanner. lsmod shows no scanner module and modprobe scanner reports FATAL: module scanner not found.

There also seems to be a hotplug problem with the 2.6.8 image as there are repeated ep0 timeout messages on bootup and the systems hangs on shutdown or the removal of a usb storage device.

Is there something missing in my .config file? Or is there another solution?

I am not sure about 2.6, but in 2.4 you need to give options to the module scanner. Maybe this old page helps:

Or mayb lsmod will help to find your VendorID and ProductID.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.

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