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Re: mapping mouse button 8 to Ctrl+2

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

I have a simple task:

when I hit mouse button 8 I want it to simulate a Ctrl+2 key.

I looked at xvkbd and that keeps a keyboard hanging around, I want this thing in the background always doing that mapping.

Then xbindkeys seemed to be good, but it seems to want to execute commands only and Ctrl+2 is no command, just a key stroke.

Anyone have a solution?

Yes! Danceswithcrows does! Apparently there in noone with an eigth button on the list, but here is the post:

And now within Mozilla my side button gives me MailNews and the extra button the Composer, without having to tire myself out shlepping the mouse over to the menubar, clicking it once and clicking it once again and then taking a nap.

I had to install xbindkeys and xmacro and create an .xbindkeysrc and the two files for xmacro.


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