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Re: help with lintian output

Hello *,

On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 08:30:57PM +0200, Roman Stöckl-Schmidt wrote:
> | W: lilypond source: native-package-with-dash-version
> This is of course true but I don't understand why this should generate a
> warning because the majority of files from the main tree have a name of
> the form $packagename_x.y-z_$arch.deb

x.y denotes the upstream version, while z is the Debian revision.

In a native package there is only a single version like a.b, and the
source only consists of a .tar.gz and a .dsc as the package is natively
built for Debian.
Non-native packages consist of upstream's .tar.gz, where the program
in question is not specific to Debian, Debian's changes in a .diff.gz
and a .dsc. Changes in the Debian way of packaging will raise the
Debian revision.

> | W: lilypond source: changelog-should-mention-nmu
> How exactly am I supposed to indicate that it's a Non-maintainer upload?

I didn't look up how exactly lintian checks for this, but this is
probably related to the following.

> | W: lilypond source: source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number 2.4.5-1
> What does this warning actually refer to? The upstream version is 2.4.5
> so 2.4.5-1 for debian should be okay, shouldn't it.

That's OK for a maintainer release, i.e. a release the official
maintainer as listed in debian/control has put together. IOW, the
entry from debian/control matches the name from the changelog entry.

A non-maintainer upload adds another digit to the Debian revision,
e.g. a NMU for a new upstream release could be 2.4.5-0.1, or a NMU for
x.y-z is x.y-z.1, a second NMU thereafter is x.y-z.2...

> Thanks for any suggestions as always. And before I get any RTFM shouts,
> I realize I haven't read the appropriate sections of the policy manual
> yet and will do so soon but I don't think it's too overbearing to
> request help for now.

Debian Policy Manual, Developer's Reference and New Maintainers' Guide
explain all this in detail. Additional question are possibly best asked
on the debian-mentors list.

BTW, Thomas has just recently adopted lilypond and is now working,
among other things, on an update. See #300609 for reference.


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