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Re: controlling bandwith.

On Thursday 31 March 2005 08:57 pm, David Christensen wrote:
> Franki wrote:
> > I have a gateway linux box ...
> Hal Vaughan wrote:
> > ... I'd suggest installing IPCop, ...
> I used IPCop in the past, but switched to SmoothWall (can't remember why --
> is IPCop derived from SmoothWall?):

It's a long story, but basically Smoothwall was developing a firewall, and had 
a GPL'ed version and a commercial version.  The GPL version was the 
development and testing for the commercial version.  There were issues with 
developers (someone pointed me to a few URLs -- I was amazed at just how 
nasty one of the developers was toward people), and they forked.  For a while 
there wasn't going to be future GPL versions of Smoothwall (because the 
developer who was such a jerk didn't want it), but when one developer left 
the team, they changed the policy.

I think IPCop 1.0 was the same as one version of Smoothwall, and there have 
been some significant changes since then.  One of the goals in IPCop is to 
eventually replace all the Smoothwall code.  I tried and used Smoothwall 2.0 
in my test firewall, separating one LAN from another.  When I forgot the 
password, instead of just re-installing Smoothwall, I tried IPCop.  I found 
IPCop 1.4.2 had a few extra features and was actually a bit easier to use.  I 
tried Smoothwall 2.0, but by then I had gotten used to and preferred IPCop.

One reason I even tried IPCop was because I was concerned over updates.  While 
the developer who didn't want to have a GPL version of Smoothwall was gone, I 
was worried that something like that might come up again, and I felt more 
comfortable with the likelyhood of IPCop continuing to offer more updates.


>     http://smoothwall.org/
> I'm not sure if SmoothWall has everything you need, but it seems to work
> fine for me.
> David

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