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Re: controlling bandwith.

On Thursday 31 March 2005 03:51 pm, Franki wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have a gateway linux box (gateway as in router, not as in the brand),
> and hooked up to that, I have a web server and a mail server.
> I'd like to set up something on the gatway box such that the mail server
> can never use more then 1/3 of the available bandwidth so as to stop a
> heap of big attachments significantly slowing down the whole connection.
> Does anyone know how I might go about this?
> rgds
> Franki

If you haven't already set it up, or if your gateway is a dedicated system 
(not also any kind of server), I'd suggest installing IPCop, which is a full 
distro specifically for a firewall/gateway.  I think it also can handle DNS.  
It has an easy web interface for configuration, which includes traffic 

It takes something like 20 minutes (after download and burning the CD) to 
install IPCop, and it's ready to work as a firewall after the first install.


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