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Re: apt-get update results.

Yea I finally was able to get it working by that ;)
yet I'm installd Tux Racer and it did it perfectly but
now I can't find it. it isn't in the Gnome menu, and I
locate tuxracer and I came up with no results :( 
--- Robert Vangel <vangelr@rfgt.net> wrote:
> mike holden wrote:
> > I've been trying all day and nothing.
> > 
> That is strange, because 
> is present for me (even though it is a pool of 5
> ip's, the 
> mirrors.kernel.org one is present 
> What about a different mirror?
> http://www.debian.org/mirror/list - try one of the
> endless secondary 
> sites... I'm sure at least *one* would work.

Michael Holden 

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