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Re: how to make SCSI work?

Nicos Gollan <gtdev@spearhead.de> wrote:
> On Wednesday March 30 2005 14:57, Miernik wrote:
>> I am trying to use a PCI SCSI controller to which I have connected an
>> UMAX Astra 600S scanner.  I can't get the system to see it, and I am
>> somehow stuck.
> Perhaps fiddling with some settings in the adapter BIOS can clear up
> things.  Especially look for a termination power setting. 

I changed that from [Automatic] to [Yes], but it didn't help. 

> If there is none, you might 
> want to try setting the jumper described in the linked writeup.

I changed the jumper to [ON], but it didn't help too. 

thanks anyway, 

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