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Re: XMMS only runs under KDE

On Wednesday 30 March 2005 06:09 pm, Robert Vangel wrote:
> Alvin Smith wrote:
> > Same results!  Runs under root, but not under normal user... Well, not
> > quite! I created a new user who has no problem running either
> > application.  So, the corruption is not in .xmms, but in some other
> > configuration directory or file.
> >
> > Does this make any sense?
> What about purging both packages & installing fresh.
> Does xmms / bmp have a verbose option? (I don't have it available at the
> moment to check..)
> I recall I had a similar problem, can't remember *exactly* what the
> problem ended up being, but iirc once I had run xmms as root it worked
> from then on, maybe check permissions on the devices (/dev/dsp etc)

Ok, I am stupid.  An instance of XMMS was already running on desktop #5, 
thereby blocking the load of any other instance, failing silently.  

(Bug or feature?)

Thank you to all who responded.
Alvin Smith

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