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Re: Newest kde onto stable

Thanks Matthew,

I did want to have a mixed system.  Stable as the base and the bleeding edge
for just KDE at he moment.  But maybe even something else newer in the
future if I find a new feature that I'd like to try.

I read about modifying the sources file that apt uses to include stable and
testing but I'm afraid to mess up my box if it doesn't work smoothly.  I was
hoping someone had tried this before and can point me to some docs that
could guide me through it.


On 3/23/05 1:06 PM, "Matthew Exon" <06196739@exon.dyndns.org> wrote:

> Joel Lopez wrote:
>> I'm a linux/debian newbie.  I'd like to upgrade kde and in the future any
>> other packages to versions higher than the one's that apt-get finds.
>> Is there any easy way to do this?  Any good how-to's anywhere?
> When you say "any other packages", do you mean everything on your entire
> system?  It sounds like what you want to do is switch to the unstable
> branch of Debian (from your subject line it sounds like you're on stable
> now).  Unstable normally tracks KDE, Gnome and most other packages
> fairly well; certainly much better than stable does.
> Unstable also isn't all *that* unstable - it normally works pretty well
> (although at the moment the repository seems to have a broken dependency
> which is stopping me from upgrading).  Lots of ordinary users use
> unstable nowadays, mainly because the next release of Debian, "Sarge",
> has been so slow in arriving.  Stable is mainly used by people for whom
> security is really important.  Unstable is probably good enough for a
> desktop machine.
> Or possibly you mean you only want to upgrade particular selected
> packages, starting with KDE.  I only vaguely remember hearing something
> about how to do this - it might well be possible, especially if you can
> find an unofficial repository that has the packages you need.  The
> problem with this is that you can easily wind up in dependency hell,
> where some piece of your shiny new KDE distribution depends on one
> particular library version, while other pieces of your system depend on
> a different one, and there's no way to resolve the conflict.  So I'd
> suggest either using all stable, or all unstable.
> If you want to be right on the bleeding edge of KDE, you could even
> consider the experimental branch, but I really wouldn't recommend that,
> since your entire GUI could become unusable at any time.
> Hope this helps!

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