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Re: kernel2.6+cdrecord differences

I am prety sure it has to do with the 2.6.x kernels including some sort of 
layer in the kernel for IDE burners, though I cant really tell you I just 
know that on the 2.4.X I had to use emaulation and now I dont.

On Thursday March 17 2005 8:22 pm, Pipo wrote:
> Hi there, i used to burn CDs with 2.4 kernels and cdrecord 1.x.
> That combination needs scsi kernel emulation, but i've heard something
> about with 2.6 kernels and cdrecord 2.x.
> Is true that scsi emulation is no longer needed ?
> Is that thanks to 2.6 kernels or to cdrecord 2.x ?
> I would thank some intro to this, or a link to a place where to get info.
> Thank you all.


Bill Day

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