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Re: PowerBook 12" FireWire kernel


Hmm, surely this should be possible with a ramdisk then? It would seem strange that this isn't so common: it's a great way of trying things out before you "buy" and reformat your hard drive... I've been using Debian and Linux in general for years, I just wanted to see how well it fared on my PB.


On 16 Mar 2005, at 23:02, Michael D. Crawford wrote:

My understanding is that Linux' firewire can only be built as a module.

I wish it could be built in, for the very same reason that I'd like to boot from it on _my_ powerbook.

If you're able to find otherwise, I'd be willing to build a kernel for you, if you would supply a prepared .config file for the kernel you'd like to have.


Mike Crawford

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