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Re: LI on boot

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005, David Berg wrote:

> >  and backup only /etc  and /home and /usr/local/src
> > 
> Why not save the package lists as well so you don't have to try and
> remember which packages you had installed.  Any mail in the spool
> would be lost by not backing up /var as well.

aye.. backup what one thinks is important ..

but the package list should be a 1 time thingie to backup
or at lease every time a new package is added/removed from your box

and similarly, no need to backup the entire /etc and only
the files you changed

and i assume the backup is done onto another server somewhere out
in never-never land and not on the same pc even if on a different disk

c ya
15TB per 4U live backup is when things get fun

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