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Re: Sunbird0.2 segfaults

Hi Alexander!

On Wed, 09 Mar 2005 15:38:56 +0100, Alexander Sack wrote:
> Hannes Mayer wrote:
> >Hi all!
> >
> >I just installed sarge from the cd#1 iso as of last week.
> >
> >I also installed Sunbird0.2 (GTK2-XFT)
> >http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/sunbird_download.html
> >but it segfaults at start:
> ># ./sunbird
> >./run-mozilla.sh: line 423: 16442 Segmentation fault      "$prog" ${1+"$@"}
> >
> >
> >
> Is mozilla-firefox or mozilla-thunderbird installed on your system. If
> not, maybe apt-get them in order to pull all needed libraries. Just a
> guess, but maybe it helps.

FF and TB are installed (and work), but not as .deb's (original
mozilla.org release)

I compiled SB from source 2 times now:
Both compiles succeeded, but only *without* XFT and GTK2 Sunbird
starts. The XFT/GTK2 enabled build segfaults, just as the XFT/GTK2
enabled build from mozilla.org.
I've put together a short how-to:

Well, Sunbird doesn't look as pretty as the XFT/GTK2 version, but at
least I can work with it.

Thanks for your reply & best regards,

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