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An EXCELLENT Microsoft Confidential document on why MS is in trouble from OpenSource OSes like Linux

I happen to jump on the following topic as I was surfing on the web(http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/1998/11/msg00348.html)
David or anyone else If you can Please forward me the link since the site has been take down.
I'dd really appreciate it.
Derive Ohms
El Wed, 04 Nov 1998, Chad A. Adlawan escribió:
>Hi everyone !  Anyway, i glanced on this one from David Ranch's page
>and some of you might be intersted in reading it. 
>This is an excellent doc that was leaked out of MS on the future
>issue of Open Source OSes like Linux, etc.  The hosting WWW site
>has already noted that MS might take legal action to take down
>the page so if its gone by the time you get to it, lemmie know
>and I'll send you a copy.
>Its a little long but it reads well and it REALLY tells of
>Linux's true power.  The PEOPLE!
> http://www.opensource.org/halloween.html
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