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Re: Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet card not detected

> I have a quick side question with this issue I'm having from the net 
> install versions of 'woody' and 'sarge' not detecting my Marvell 
> Yukon GigE.  If I use a live CD like Knoppix or even any other to 
> boot, is there any way to switch to Debian midway or afterwards?  Is 
> there even a difference between these versions?    

Booting Knoppix with the 2.6 kernel will allow you to be certain that 
a working driver for your card is available. That is one of the 
really nice things about Knoppix, it's a good "test drive" even if 
you don't end up using it as an install. Just see what it detects and 
loads, and you have a list of drivers to install for yourself.

Knoppix does have a "hd install" function, but it installs a 
combination of Debian Unstable and Knoppix specific packages. The 
system will work well, but it's near impossible to synchronize with 
the standard Debian repositories once installed.

ZenLinux.org also has an install function, and touts itself as a pure 
Debian Unstable live CD, so synchronizing with the repositories 
should be no problems. But I've never tried it.


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