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Re: "permanent modules"

Miguel Filho wrote:
Em Qua, 2005-02-16 às 16:32 +0100, Gorazd Brumen escreveu:

Hi, can somebody tell me, what does the "[permanent]"
at the module (as from lsmod) means.. I have a bunch of them

trm290                  4196  0 [permanent]
triflex                 3680  0 [permanent]
slc90e66                5856  0 [permanent]
sis5513                16392  0 [permanent]
siimage                12512  0 [permanent]
serverworks             9160  0 [permanent]
sc1200                  7264  0 [permanent]

Looks like some kind of bug or new feature, I don't get it.


What, today bugs and new features dont differ or what??


Gorazd Brumen
Mail: brumen@isb.unizh.ch
WWW: http://valjhun.fmf.uni-lj.si/~brumen
PGP: Key at http://pgp.mit.edu, ID BCC93240

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