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Re: Partition and format ??

On Tue, Feb 15, 2005 at 12:36:56PM -0500, Alan C. Brown wrote:
> Help Please..
> I downloaded Debian ISO files and burned CD's... 
> 7 plus 2 updates and 1 nonus
> I have read that I must partition with cfdisk not fdisk is this true ??
> And where do I find cfdisk ??
> What format are the Partitions supposed to be...?? Fat or fat 32 ??
> This computer will be a linux only system...
> Thank you for any Help....
> Alan

Hi Alan,

Some more information would be useful, did you already try to boot from
the first CD? The installation process will give you the opportunity to
partition your hard drive (With cfdisk, if that's still true...).
As Maurits correctly points out, ext3 is a good default choice. Apart
from that, it doesn't matter which of the two (fdisk, cfdisk) you use to
partition your disk.



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