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Keyboard doesn't work on first start

Hi list.

Having a problem with a server I have. It's running Sid with KDE and a
2.6 kernel. Basically, I did an upgrade on it over the weekend which was
the first it had had in over a year. Everything went fine apart from I
lost the keyboard on first boot when X/kdm kicked in. I had mouse, but
mouse buttons were sometimes flakey, and no keyboard, although maybe 1
in 100 characters wold appear (sometimes). I managed to fix the problem
by ssh'ing in from another box, and running /etc/init.d/kdm
stop;/etc/init.d/kdm start and everything would be fine. No changes to
config files, nothing, just restarting X/kdm. Does anyone have any idea
what might be going on here? It's pretty annoying to have to do that
every time I reboot.


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