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exim4 Verizon smtp auth

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Hello all,
I am not having any luck properly configuring exim4 to work as a smarthost and smtp auth through outgoing.verizon.net.  I have tried a number of recommended changes to exim4.conf.template.  what I am trying to do is three fold I guess.  I am stuck at number 1.  Please help :).  After each change made I execute:  invoke-rc.d exim4 reload
1.  Be able to send mail through outgoing.verizon.net on my debian box
2.  Configre my debian box as a smtp auth relay for my (and my wives) M$ machines
3.  Configure my debian box to retreive mail for myself and my wife from incoming.verizon.net and configure our m$ machines to retreive from it (IMAP/POP3?).
I have updated passwd.client:
### CONFDIR/passwd.client
# Format:
# default entry:
### *:bar:foo
my /etc/email-addresses:
debian-username: jasonallison@verizon.net
I have attempted changing in exim4.conf.template:
<   hosts_try_auth = ${if exists {CONFDIR/passwd.client}{DCsmarthost}{}}
>   hosts_require_auth = ${if exists {CONFDIR/passwd.client}{DCsmarthost}{}}
As well as updating (uncommenting each of these sections in exim4.conf.template and variations of):
   driver = plaintext
   public_name = PLAIN
   server_condition = "${if crypteq{$3}{${extract{1}{:}{${lookup{$2}lsearch{CONFDIR/passwd}{$value}{*:*}}}}}{1}{0}}"
   server_set_id = $2
   server_prompts = :
   driver = plaintext
   public_name = LOGIN
   server_prompts = "Username:: : Password::"
   server_condition = "${if crypteq{$2}{${extract{1}{:}{${lookup{$1}lsearch{CONFDIR/passwd}{$value}{*:*}}}}}{1}{0}}"
   server_set_id = $1
here is my update-exim4.conf.conf:
I have gotten a number of different error messages:
2005-02-13 19:26:31 1D0U4N-0000Jv-Mp <= jasonallison@verizon.net U=jallison P=local S=197195
2005-02-13 19:26:32 1D0U4N-0000Jv-Mp ** valid@emailaddress R=smarthost T=remote_smtp_smarthost: SMTP error from remote mailer after MAIL FROM:<jasonallis
on@verizon.net> SIZE=201272: host outgoing.verizon.net []: 553 Authentication is required to send mail as <jasonallison@verizon.net>
2005-02-13 19:26:32 1D0U4O-0000Jy-Fi <= <> R=1D0U4N-0000Jv-Mp U=Debian-exim P=local S=107898
2005-02-13 19:26:32 1D0U4N-0000Jv-Mp Completed
2005-02-13 19:26:39 1D0U4O-0000Jy-Fi ** jasonallison@verizon.net R=smarthost T=remote_smtp_smarthost: SMTP error from remote mailer after end of data: host ou
tgoing.verizon.net []: 554 Authentication Required
2005-02-13 19:26:39 1D0U4O-0000Jy-Fi Frozen (delivery error message)

2005-02-13 20:45:53 1D0VJA-0000cY-Fw == valid@emailaddress R=smarthost T=remote_smtp_smarthost defer (-42): authentication required but authentication at
tempt(s) failed
2005-02-13 20:59:46 1D0V5B-0000cC-0p == valid@emailaddress R=smarthost T=remote_smtp_smarthost defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host
Thanks in advance,

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