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Re: How to upgrade a customized kernel?

On 02/13/2005 09:25 pm, kynn@panix.com wrote:
> My laptop has an old customized kernel based on 2.4.18.  I'd like to
> upgrade it, but I dread the prospect of going through all the
> customization steps (those weren't happy days trying to build a kernel
> that would work on my laptop).  Is there any way that I can build an
> upgraded kernel while preserving as much of the current kernel's
> customization as possible?

This is what I do.  I copy the kernel config from /boot/config-2.4.18 for 
example, to the new kernel sources:

cp /boot/config-2.4.18 /usr/src/kernel-source-2.6.10/.config

then cd to /usr/src/kernel-source2.6.10/

and do a 'make oldconfig'

You will then be asked only the questions that pertain to the NEW kernel which 
were not asked for the old kernel.

After you have answered those, compile and install the new kernel in the usual 



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