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Re: ide-scsi is deprecated for cd burning!

Pigeon wrote:
I'm using a vanilla kernel-2.6.10 and have CDR_DEVICE=ATAPI:0,0,0 defined
in /etc/default/cdrecord. The K3B icon has been modified to use "sudo k3b"
under the icon properties>application>command.

I thought this was only the case with kernels from 2.6.[78] on? I've
deliberately stayed with 2.6.6 in order to avoid it. I'll give it a
shot next time I have a CD to burn, but AFAICT it's a solution to a
different problem.

Could be, but the problem to me sounds like the early 2.6 kernels.
Upgrade to .10, drop the use of ide-scsi, and drop the suid bit.
Try sudo and the ATAPI: device instead. It worked a treat for me,
the lockups and bad burns of 2.6.x are no longer a problem.

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