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Re: Cron jobs run out of memory?

On Sat, 12 Feb 2005 20:40:13 +0100, Jacob S wrote:

>> This is simply too little of free memory to expect reliable behaviour.
>> Try to get more memory (RAM or larger swap) and come back if it
>> doesn't work. I almost bet it will.
>> 30 k plus 2 isn't enough for crond plus your script.

My fault: of cause it is *M*. But still, not enough for normal usage.

> I should have mentioned - I have gotten this error with 768MB of ram
> installed before too. How much ram do I need before I have "enough"?

I bet you find something when you google. I wouldn't want to argue
further. Once you have - let's say - 200 MB free and it fails, I'd be more
tempted to consider the case questionable. It doesn't matter how much RAM
you have (or swap), there must be enough.

> Since it's running in the middle of the night, and is the only cron job
> running at that time, I would have expected the system to find some
> memory that it could free up somewhere.

What is 'somewhere', except it kills one or another ? 'Freeing up' means
from RAM into swap. But your swap is full as well.


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