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Netboot floppies

Hello readers,

I would like to make the network installation floppy disks with my own kernel and drivers, specific for my pc. So, idealy I would end up with one boot diskette and one root diskette, making a total of but two floppies. Less ideal I would get three (one extra for the drivers, since my kernel is obviously bigger than the IdePci kernel and them few drivers possibily do not fit with the kernel on 1 disk).
Making a custom netboot floppy set has some advantages concerning the state of a brand new installed system; with the classic way of doing an installation you would afterwards have to install your own (or a pre-compiled) kernel and remove the older. This is quite a lot of work and can, being done not too concentrated (also read: time consuming), result in some nausty flaws in, for example, the booting procedure of the system.
I would like to know how to make such a custom set of installation floppies and, to that, which installation procedure I should base it on - or replace it with if the build process doesn't lie within my capabilities - the old 'woody' system, which I find powerfull and nicely straight-foreward, or the new 'sarge' system, with wich I don't have any experiences (yet).

Thanks in advance,

Please do not suggest me to burn a CD, I - for my own lot of reasons - am not interested in doing so.

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